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Investor tools and education:

When investing or any thing in life you do, having the knowledge and the right tool for the right job and the knowledge to implement it is key. It doesn't matter if you are in Massachusetts or somewhere else. Here are some things that might just help you kick into high gear. Check back here from time to time as I add more tools that will help you.

Mortgage calculators

Try these calculators. 10 kinds that should help your calculations.

Know you your credit score:

From March 31-April 30, get a 25% discount with this link when you get any MyFICO credit score product! Enter code "7yrsale" at check out to get it.

The most important tool you have is probably your credit. You can make money in business and investing with credit that's got some problems or is pretty bad, but it's a lot harder. Don't let that hold you back. MyFICO is a service of Fair Isaac and Company. Their name is the FICO in FICO. Get your scores from the source. Other services don't always give your real scores -- I've experienced that first hand.

So get your scores and check your reports closely for errors! Know what you can expect from lenders _BEFORE_ you contact them.

See How Lenders See Your FICO Score

Bandit signs, lockboxes, business cards and other investor marketing materials:

These folks pretty much have it all: business cards, door hangers, magnetic signs for your car doors, post cards, mailers, flyers, FSBO and rent signs, Shurlock Lockboxes, specialized post-it notes (think driver side windows in parking lots or front doors), banners, custom embroidery for shirts and jackets to advertise your business, etc. One stop and reasonable prices to help take your marketing to the next level.

Be an affiliate of We Sell Signs.

Get credit cards and auto loans

We've now made it possible for you to directly apply for all types of credit cards, from business cards, to low fee/no fee cards, student cards, cards for people with no or bad credit and even guaranteed acceptance! Check out your options.

Credit Cards

Vibrant communication:

Want great email marketing plus surveys and autoresponders? Then give iContact a try. It's very affordable plus they pay affiliates pretty well. By the time you see this, I've switched over to it. iContact's service lets you easily produce an html newsletter. Real email marketing boosted attendance immediately for the Twin Cities Rich Dads and Moms Cashflow Club. I know many small businesses that do it but very few are using autoresponders. They should be. I own an ISP and therefore I have access to my own list servers. And I use a service to do it. Why? It's a lot easier to deal with. Check out the templates and take them for a spin. You can even have them produce a custom template for you!

Try iContact for Free
Try iContact for Free

Investment Property Analysis Tools:

Real Estate Acquisition Software
Click here to order
Real Estate Acquisition Software

REAP is the most powerful property analysis tool of its kind. REAP will assist you in consistently identifing lucrative investments and, more importantly, avoiding bad ones. It's from Dolf De Roos.

Network with like-minded people in the Rich Dad forums:

Get $200-300K business lines of credit for your RE investing (or other investing or business endeavours):

This course teaches you have to get $200,000+ in business lines of credit. These lines don't show on your personal credit report. Build your personal scores up too at the same time. Try it; it's even got a 1 year moneyback guarantee!

Boost your tenant revenue or add affiliate income:

If you are a real estate investor, property manager or real estate agent, then you've got addience for making extra income. Revenue Allies gives you the opportunity to make income from people signing up for Comcast, Dish or DirectTV or when buying a home warranty from LHP.

And more things to come!

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